Whilst all the digital storage continues to change and you are constantly asked, if not forced to store your photos on the latest technology, and there they sit until the next thing comes along. Meanwhile, the print hanging over the fire place will be looking down and smiling, and the family photo albums on the bookshelf nudge each other and giggle.

I love this little passage and I think it holds true to how we view not only our photos but also our memories. In days gone by we would shoot a roll of either 24 or 36 film. We would take it to the local Kodak express for developing and we would look at and enjoy every single one of those prints. Now days we will snap of 20 images of exactly the same image just to get the right one. In no way am I saying this a bad thing, I am simply pointing out how we don't slow done to actually enjoy an image.

Purchasing one of my prints gives you a detailed view into how I see the world, I take the up most pride in ensuring each print is up to the standard I demand. I personally inspect each image to assess the quality of the print. If I see anything I am not happy with I will send the image back for reprint so that you can hang immediately. I use only the best paper stock that is UV resistent and can last up to 70 years.

For the best experience I highly recommend one of my larger prints. That being said I do suggest you look at the size of the room that you wish to place the piece. A large room will require a large print and vice versa.

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