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G'day from W.A.


Now there's a saying that I haven't heard in a long time. An old slogan used to advertise Western Australia in the 80's If I remember correctly.

Anyway, on to what's been happening around my neck of the woods. To be honest things have taken a turn on the quiet side... 

Which can be a blessing in some circumstances, in photography? not so good. The excitement of competitions has slowed down and I feel a lot of us have put our heads down working on projects. As mid year hits us we start to look at the new comps that approach for the end of 2017.

The major competition this year would have to be the AIPP's 2017 APPA Awards. I have been fortunate enough to have seeded for the comp in the state awards earlier in the year, as an emerging member. Something I am truly stoked to have been able to given it is my first year entering.

I am currently working through my images that I believe would be worthy of the APPA's  I have the three that I want to submit but I also have a few that I would like to have critiqued before the competition to confirm my entries.

I can say this.... I will be entering all Urban Landscape images.. It is a genre that has captivated me and one that I seem to have some skill in. In this genre of photography lies a study of all things man made and at the same time to be able to look beyond conventions and see the true possibility in an image and how it inflicts on the natural environment.

Hoping to a have a new lens to review also, for those that like that kind of stuff.. Otherwise It's time for me to start working on my career and my exit strategy for my current workplace... I know what I have to do to make it happen but now it is time to pull the proverbial finger out and DO IT!!!

Enjoy and keep shooting, get out there and do it, no excuses



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