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It has been 7 days since I arrived in Bali, 7 days of exploring the wonders that make so many Australians flock to this island. It is the half way point in my journey and the last time I was here I was glad to be leaving at this point, mostly due to the company I was with.

This time round I fear that I have not allowed enough time to truly explore this great peaceful land. I have met so many wonderful people and every local has a smile on their face. Now I know I am not the first and I certainly wont be the last but for me this is the first time exploring a new country on my own. As one that suffers from social anxiety, this is a difficult thing to do. That said I left my fears at the boarding gate and went forth to conquer them. Crikey I'm a landscape photographer, I must be able to travel. Jatiluwih has been the saving grace of this trip, Tourism only exists between the hours of 10am and 2pm as these are the people that get driven here for the day to see the terraces and have lunch. The rest of the time it's just the locals, myself and a dog I've named Georgie, she follows me everywhere and sleeps outside my door, she is quite funny as she protects me from the other dogs, should any approach she will bark at them and make them move on, quite amazing how a bond between man and dog can be born so easily with the right gestures and kindness, now you must remember I am not staying in a hotel but a homestay, I walk out my door and the rice fields are but a stones throw away. Precisely the reason for doing so.

I have a day and a half left here before I move onto Kintamani, a region I am anxious to see, lakes, mountains, volcanoes? what more could a landscape photographer ask for. Corpses perhaps.

The Trunyan Cemetery lays on the other side of Lake Batur, I can only hope to gain passage and visit this village dating back to the 9th century. They do not bury their dead but place them above ground to decompose before for placing their bones under a sacred tree that stops any odour of the decomposition. Truly a remarkable place that I must visit.

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