Mark Brierley Photography: Blog en-us (C) Mark Brierley Photography (Mark Brierley Photography) Sun, 01 Oct 2017 04:58:00 GMT Sun, 01 Oct 2017 04:58:00 GMT Mark Brierley Photography: Blog 90 120 Time to hit the road again G'day all, where ever you may be,

Been a while between drinks but as we fast approach the end of the year, it's time to pack up the 4wd and put in some miles. Two weeks from now I'll be heading into the south west of Western Australia, I've seen quite a bit of the south west already but never all on one trip and will also throw in a few places I haven't been. 

I'll be driving east out to Lakes, Dumbleyung, Grace and King then heading south to Esperance and Cape Le Grande. I will then make my way back up to the Stirling ranges, down to Albany and then pretty much follow the coast around to good ol' Dunsborough and back home.

A lot of miles to drive but nothing I haven't done before. Now here's where the trip gets really exciting, not only will I be working with my normal Nikon gear but I will also get to test the new Tamron 35mm 1.8 (massive thanks to Geoff from Tamron Australia for organising that).

In addition to that (and this is a big one) Team Digital here in Perth have kindly lent me a Hasselblad X1D with a variety of lenses to test for the week, for those that don't know, it is a 50 megapixel mirrorless medium format camera. I will definitely be putting it thought it's paces to see just how good this camera can be. I can't talk too much about it now as there are some other ventures happening with the camera, but it is all damn exciting. Another massive thank you to Ben from Team Digital for all their support.

In other news the Australian Professional Photography Awards happened a few weeks ago and for my first time I was able to receive two Silvers and a Professional practice for my three images, very happy with that outcome and great to see so many crew from West Australia do so well, 4 category winners, multiple finalists and North Metro Tafe took out best Educational Institution, so W.A. rocked it this year and can't wait to start preparing for WEAPPA 2018 haha.

In other competitions I have been named a finalist in the annual Subiaco Photographic Awards, which I handed in my print this morning for the exhibition, but wont know anything until the awards night on the 13th November. The Focus Awards are just about to close in which I have 10 entries, 5 of them in the new Urban Landscape Category and the other 5 spread across the other categories so that I am eligible for Photographer of the year, a long shot yes but hey, gotta be in it to win it. The Urban category is what I'm really gunning for, hence the 5 images entered. Make that one more for Urban, after this mornings outings. Now for those that don't know I also work in a Camera House and we run a Photographer of the Year comp for staff members only throughout Australia, it's a fun comp and some pretty sweet prizes, last year my store did particularly well with myself and a co worker winning a category each. My co worker also took out the overall prize, so we are both hoping to go back to back and maybe I can get the overall this year. Australian Photography Magazines Annual Photographer of the Year Awards are now open so will have to start thinking about what to enter, maybe after the trip I'll have some sweet stuff from the Hasselblad.

Well that's about it for me, time to start working on the finer details of the trip and pack the 4wd. I will try to put up some images as well as a blog while I'm away but until then.

Stay safe and I'll talk soon




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APPA 2017 Good morning, Good evening and Goodnight,

Where ever you are in the world? I hope you're well.

Things here have been a little quiet as I prepare for the biggest event of the year in Australian Photography, APPA 2017 starts Friday 25th August and is held over three days. Unfortunately I can't be in Melbourne for the judging and Gala Dinner but I will be live streaming the event.

A year ago I joined the AIPP and the journey I have walked since has been an amazing experience and I have gotten to know a number of truly talented photographers. I have developed my images and found the my true calling in the Urban Landscape.

I have spilled blood to get my images ready for this event, literally, slicing my thumb open whilst trimming my prints before mounting. Yes there is even blood under one of my images. I printed endlessly to perfect as best I could each image. My print case also decided to take a detour to Queensland before arriving in Melbourne a day late. Just to add the the stress this competition can induce.

Would I have it any other way?........ NO!!!  Countless hours out Photographing, editing and printing have led to this moment. As an Emerging Member I am throwing my heart out there in three images. Three images I consider my best work. Three images that could very well define who I am or send me retreating back to the drawing board to start again. Yes there is a lot on the line, yes I have entertained the idea that mine are good enough to win Emerging Photographer of the Year. I am also prepared to fail.

Most importantly I will have learnt... I will have learnt how to assess my images, how to print for perfection, how to win, how to lose.

Because of everything you have read above I will have succeeded and to me that means I have won already. The Australian Professional Photography Awards are after all a celebration of the best in the industry and I am honoured to be amongst them.

Finally I must say good luck to all that have entered and I look forward to celebrating with the W.A. crew at the after party.

Stay safe everyone and I'll be back after the awards.


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Hands On Review Tamron 15-30mm 2.8 Di VC USD Hi all,

I'm back with another hands on lens test. This time Tamron have been kind enough to let me put their 15-30 2.8 Di VC USD through it's paces.

Now this is not exactly a new lens in Tech timelines as it was released in Jan 2015 and is the world's first wide angle 2.8 for full frame that has image stabilization or in Tamron terms, VC (vibration control). Something I certainly plan to put to the test.

My aim for the review is to give those that are thinking of adding this lens to their line up, an honest experience of how the lens handled over a variety of subjects.

My test images were all shot on my Nikon D750 as reference.


:Mount type - Nikon, Canon & Sony

:Max App - f/2.8

:Min App - f/22

:Lens elements - 18

:Lens groups - 13

:Diaphragm blades - 9(rounded)

:Min focus - 0.28m

:Filter size - N/A

:Length - 142.5mm

:Diameter - 98.4mm

:Weight - (Approx) 1,100g

Should you wish to know more visit the Tamron website here 

Right... Now to get down to business of how this lens works in the real world.

First Impressions: 

It's big, like wow!! big, now I'm not one to use UV filters on my lenses, (I like to live dangerously) but damn that is one big ass chunk of glass at the business end of the lens. It made my D750 look like a D3400. Now the lens hood is permanently attached and when rotated to 15mm the glass is forward, so the hood offers very little protection when walking around the streets handheld, I found myself rotating the lens back to 30mm so there was some protection at least. Weight wise, yes it's heavy, there's a lot to pack in there after all and it did feel a little unbalanced with the D750, I'm sure a D810 or D5 would suit it quite well. That said once on my tripod it didn't matter and walking the streets I soon got use to it.

One thing I will say and have to applaud, is how Tamron have stepped up their game and are producing some high quality products, the new 70-200 I tested a few weeks back was awesome and I'm hoping to test the new 24-70 and 150-600 soon (hint hint Tamron).

The Filter Issue:

Ok, so looking pretty good so far. Now originally when this lens was released not being able to use ND Grads was it's downfall, yes you can bracket images and blend later, but if you're like me and shoot landscapes, ND Filters & Grads are part of my kit and not to mention Circular Polarisers.

Personally I use the 100mm Lee system which is not compatible with this lens, that said Lee Filters have come to the party with the 150mm system that fits the Tamron 15-30 which you can find here

If you're a fan of Nisi Filters? They too have the appropriate 150mm system that can be found here

The Competition:

Right... Still with me? I guess the next thing to do is see how it stacks up against the competitors, the Nikon 14-24 f/2.8 and Canon's outrageous 11-24mm f/4, both of which are eligible for the 150mm system from both Lee and Nisi

Having worked with both Canon and now Nikon. I will start with the Canon 11-24 f/4. A big ass piece of glass for a whole lot of money (just under $4,000 AUD) from last check, when I first looked through the view finder with this lens I could see my feet (that's F%*ing wide). Unless you're a Commercial Photographer that needs this angle of view, I would avoid it (sometimes it's just too wide) The 16-35 f/2.8 is the bomb when it comes to Canon.

The Nikon 14-24 is again a big ass lens just like the Tamron, but if I was to choose between Nikons two wide angle offers in the zoom range I would go for the 16-35 f/4 as it has been proven to be optically sharper and the 2.8 is only good for Astro stuff, which lets face it has been done to death, Yay you shot the Milky Way, just like every tog that got their first wide angle 2.8, lot's of stars and the core. Don't get me wrong, I love being in the outback staring up at the night sky and seeing the milky way. I just don't need to see another photo of it. At  $2,699AUD it's a serious investment. (the 16-35 f/4 is RRP $1,599AUD) Personally I use the Nikkor 20mm f/1.8 RRP $1,066AUD, It's wide enough, cheaper, produces the best sun stars and is lighter, not to mention super sharp.

The Tamron comes in at around $1,899AUD and gives you an f/2.8 with VC. I can see where my money would be heading.

Side by side


Enough of the chit chat:

Let's see some images,  

Ok. Single image, Nikon D750 f/14, 0.05sec ISO 100 @15mm (f/14 was chosen to keep a slower shutter speed, I don't have the right filters remember)

This has been edited in PS 2017 to my style of Landscapes, a few curves layers and some dodge n burning, Keep It Simple Stupid.

With the water being quite choppy I did get some sea spray on the lens and thanks to Tamrons coatings on this piece of glass, I was able to remove them with just my rocket blower very easily, thank you Tamron.

The manual focus ring was smooth for micro adjustments of critical focus and a pleasure to use.

f/10 ISO 100 0.60sec @15mm

f/8 ISO 100 1/320sec @15mm

So how good is the VC:

Pretty bloody good if you ask me, now I don't have much use for it since a lot of my stuff is shot on a tripod but since I don't have the steadiest of hands the VC would come in very handy if I was out on a photowalk for example.

 15-30mm @15mm f/22 ISO 50 Shutter speed 1/3 second

Not exactly an award winning image but just simply to test the VC. Shot in bright daylight hence the f/22 aperture. Now I did manage to get down to one second and was still relatively sharp, all though my highlights were blown out and I felt in real world use it was no good.

Now I know shooting at 15mm helps keep things sharp and I have a friend whom I'm sure would be able go past 2 seconds and still be sharp.


To sum up:

Tamron are winning me over I have to say, I own all Nikon glass but I can certainly see this lens finding my way into my bag and I will be reluctant to hand it back. The build quality and optical quality are hands down amazing and the price is much more pleasing to the wallet than either Canon or Nikons offerings.

Look if you have the budget and must have the extreme width of the Canon then by all means lay down close to $4,000AUD, personally I'd rather take the Tamron and spend the rest on another lens. Same can be said for the Nikon.

The sharpness, the VC are great, the price is very attractive, the weight and size are bit off putting but after a week of shooting I have got use to it. All in all a great package.

Hope you all enjoyed this review, if there is anything I can improve on or any equipment you would like to see reviewed then by all means leave a comment and I'll see what I can do.

I'd like to thank Melissa from Tamron for allowing me to review the lens and I look forward to testing more.






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Update y'all G'day from W.A.


Now there's a saying that I haven't heard in a long time. An old slogan used to advertise Western Australia in the 80's If I remember correctly.

Anyway, on to what's been happening around my neck of the woods. To be honest things have taken a turn on the quiet side... 

Which can be a blessing in some circumstances, in photography? not so good. The excitement of competitions has slowed down and I feel a lot of us have put our heads down working on projects. As mid year hits us we start to look at the new comps that approach for the end of 2017.

The major competition this year would have to be the AIPP's 2017 APPA Awards. I have been fortunate enough to have seeded for the comp in the state awards earlier in the year, as an emerging member. Something I am truly stoked to have been able to given it is my first year entering.

I am currently working through my images that I believe would be worthy of the APPA's  I have the three that I want to submit but I also have a few that I would like to have critiqued before the competition to confirm my entries.

I can say this.... I will be entering all Urban Landscape images.. It is a genre that has captivated me and one that I seem to have some skill in. In this genre of photography lies a study of all things man made and at the same time to be able to look beyond conventions and see the true possibility in an image and how it inflicts on the natural environment.

Hoping to a have a new lens to review also, for those that like that kind of stuff.. Otherwise It's time for me to start working on my career and my exit strategy for my current workplace... I know what I have to do to make it happen but now it is time to pull the proverbial finger out and DO IT!!!

Enjoy and keep shooting, get out there and do it, no excuses


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Tamron 70-200mm f2.8 VC G2 Hands On Review Hey all,

I have kindly been given the new Tamron SP 70-200mm f/2.8 Di VC USD G2 to test and review.

First I would like to thank Melissa from Tamron Australia for allowing me to have a right ol' play with this lens. Also I am in no way affiliated with Tamron. Let's just get that out the way aye hehe.

Let me get the tech stuff out the way, before I go to an in depth hands on review of the lens.

Announced in Feb 2017, it is the second generation model from Tamron, they have redesigned the optics to improve performance and get the lens to focus down to 0.95m. As well as improved image stabilisation and AF speed. 

With a price increase over it's predecessor, does the new lens deliver?


Model                                                   :AO25

Focal Length                                          :70-200mm

Maximum Aperture                                 :F/2.8

Minimum Aperture                                  :F/22

Optical Construction                                : 23 elements in 17 groups

Minimum Focus                                      :0.95m (37.4in)

Filter Size                                             : 77mm

Weight                                                  :Canon 1,500g

                                                           :Nikon 1,485g

Aperture Blades                                      :9 (Circular Diaphragm)

Image Stabilisation                                 : 5 Stops (CIPA Standards Compliant)

                                                              Using in VC MODE 3

 Accessories                                           : Lens hood, Lens cap, Lens bag, Detachable tripod mount

OK with that out of the way and if you're the type to want to know all the tech stuff then I suggest you visit Tamron and revel in all the mathematical glory.

Now as a Landscape/Architectural Photographer I have tested this lens in these conditions using a Nikon D750 and what strikes me as innovative straight out of the box is the way the tripod collar has been crafted to allow an Arca Swiss mount, meaning if you use a tripod head that is Arca Swiss compatible (and you should be) then you will not have to attach a tripod plate to the base of the collar (yes I have more than one tripod plate but it means that I don't have to worry about them). This has to be the smartest addition to any lens that requires a tripod collar and I can only hope that other manufacturers adopt this feature. Secondly I notice that there is a marking for when you rotate the lens into Portrait orientation, again, such a simple feature that is not seen on Canons' L series version, hmmm?

The Arca Swiss Tripod Collar at work

These two improvements have me sold on the lens already but what can the lens deliver in terms of image quality?

Now the type of photography I generally do, requires manual focusing and I have found the focus ring to be smooth and precise, a definite improvement over the first gen lens, Focus breathing is minimal which aids in manual focusing. One thing I should mention is that it looks like the nodal point of the lens is directly above the tripod collar, as I found when I shot the below Panoramic at 70mm f/8 1/4sec ISO 100, 8 images merged in the portrait position, this image has been edited in Camera Raw and further processed in Photoshop CC2017 in my style of editing.

Panorama 8 images in Portrait Orientation @70mm f/8 1/4sec ISO100

Now fair call to anyone that says "well this isn't what the lens is designed for" and to that I say " what exactly is any lens designed for". Telephoto optics are amazing for Panoramas

100% Crops are sharp as and brutal honesty makes me say that Tamron are delivering some damn sharp lenses (thinking that was the plan as to compete with the Sigma Art Series), ok... So I hear you say what about corner sharpness? Well here's the thing.... STOP!!! pixel peeping for crying out loud... Too many people out there are more worried about the tech crap that can only be seen with proper charts to show any kind of difference. I don't care how good a lens is on paper, if it fails to work when I'm on location, then it fails as a usable lens. K.I.S.S. Keep It Simple Stupid.... Yes it's sharp.

This lens.... It F#@king works!!! I had no problem shooting the above pano in the space of a few seconds, I have shot a similar Pano with the Canon L series 70-200 and in all honesty the Tamron S$#t's all over it.

If your image ain't sharp? Then I have to ask... What are YOU!!! doing wrong?  

After an amazing sunrise I took the lens off the tripod to see how the AF and Image stabilisation worked, given that it boasts 5 stops and I don't have the steadiest of hands. There were plenty of Ducks on the lake so a perfect choice to catch some action shots.

Auto Focus is fast, like super fast, I tested by throwing the focus completely out and then focusing on a Duck, to which it had no problem, it didn't hunt for focus, simply snapped to it and then very responsive at different distances. Images were sharp but then I was shooting at over 500th of a second as the ducks were moving. 

To test the Stabilisation, I focused on a stationary subject and managed to get a fairly decent shot down at 1/6th of a second to which I am super impressed with given I don't have the steadiest of hands. What does this mean in real world terms? Well for one you ain't going to shoot people at 1/6th and if your subject is moving then freezing will require a fast shutter speed as we all know, what I do like is that I can drop my shutter speed below my focal length and still capture a sharp image.

In terms of weight and handling I must say the lens feels good in the hands, I would prefer the zoom ring and the focus ring to be opposite to what they are, but that is just a personal preference and one I could happily get use too given the other qualities of the lens. The weight is good and well balanced against my camera. Should Sigma release a new 70-200 I fear the weight would be to heavy. As much as I love their Art Series, they are quite hefty    

To sum up?


:Arca Swiss Tripod mount

:Vertical Mount Signage

:Sharp as a Tack

:Smooth Manual Focus Ring

:Min. Focus 0.95mm

:5 stop Image stabilization



:Zoom ring in front of the focus ring (something to get use to)

:Small amount of movement at the mount on to the body 



This lens delivers everything Tamron tell us it does, it is a lens that I want in my bag (hint hint Tamron) as I shoot mostly on a tripod, the addition of the Arca Swiss tripod collar is simply perfect. If you're in the market for a 70-200 I would seriously consider this model, especially if you shoot Nikon as the price difference is just too good to ignore.

I hope you have enjoyed this review, please feel free to leave any comments and if you wish for me to review any other lenses, then by all means let me know

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Trunyan Cemetary Hey all, 

Let me tell you the tale of the Trunyan Cemetery, located on Lake Batur, in Kintamani, Bali. The village dates back 1,100 years and lays it's dead to rest above ground, only a few bodies lay there as when it's time to place a new body they remove the one that's been there the longest and place the bones under a tree with all previous villagers, the tree gives off a fragrance that masks the smell of the decompostion. 

To get there I was taken on the back of a motorbike around the lake to the village and from there I was escorted by two villagers via boat to the cemetery, when I arrived the boat pulled up to this small dock with some stairs leading up to the cemetery, straight away there were 2 skulls at the entrance. I didn't know what to expect but my first thought was "it's a lot smaller than I imagined" Then I saw the skulls and the bamboo tents that cover the bodies, this made me slow down as I approached and was surprised to see monkeys in the area. I made my way over to where they place the bones of the older villagers first as I thought this would best prepare me for what I might see later. I was struck by how small the skulls were and the variation of the decay, a lot were green from algae or fungus that had grown on them overtime but some were true bone colour and obviously the newest ones.

Then I walked over to the bamboo thatch tent like structures that cover the decomposing bodies, I didn't know what to expect or how I would react, I had seen images where some of the bodies were quite new and you could make out the face of the person, for me though the bodies had been there for quite some time as they were only bones.

I left Trunyan with a wonder and respect for the village life, even in this day and age they have it quite hard but from the villagers I met they all had a smile, a simple life I guess can sometimes be the most rewarding. There is a school there so at least the children are being educated and the old traditions are passed down from generation to generation and hopefully for a long time to come.   

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As far as experiences go It has been 7 days since I arrived in Bali, 7 days of exploring the wonders that make so many Australians flock to this island. It is the half way point in my journey and the last time I was here I was glad to be leaving at this point, mostly due to the company I was with.

This time round I fear that I have not allowed enough time to truly explore this great peaceful land. I have met so many wonderful people and every local has a smile on their face. Now I know I am not the first and I certainly wont be the last but for me this is the first time exploring a new country on my own. As one that suffers from social anxiety, this is a difficult thing to do. That said I left my fears at the boarding gate and went forth to conquer them. Crikey I'm a landscape photographer, I must be able to travel. Jatiluwih has been the saving grace of this trip, Tourism only exists between the hours of 10am and 2pm as these are the people that get driven here for the day to see the terraces and have lunch. The rest of the time it's just the locals, myself and a dog I've named Georgie, she follows me everywhere and sleeps outside my door, she is quite funny as she protects me from the other dogs, should any approach she will bark at them and make them move on, quite amazing how a bond between man and dog can be born so easily with the right gestures and kindness, now you must remember I am not staying in a hotel but a homestay, I walk out my door and the rice fields are but a stones throw away. Precisely the reason for doing so.

I have a day and a half left here before I move onto Kintamani, a region I am anxious to see, lakes, mountains, volcanoes? what more could a landscape photographer ask for. Corpses perhaps.

The Trunyan Cemetery lays on the other side of Lake Batur, I can only hope to gain passage and visit this village dating back to the 9th century. They do not bury their dead but place them above ground to decompose before for placing their bones under a sacred tree that stops any odour of the decomposition. Truly a remarkable place that I must visit.

Until then.......

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My Comfort Zone Well I made it safely to Bali and have spent the last 3 days walking around Legian where I have found myself capturing images outside my comfort zone. It has been quite the experience to photograph complete strangers and the image that is attached to this blog has to be my standout favorite.

The way she stares at me not to mention how she stands out amongst the others without the mask and the brighter clothing. But what really makes me love this image is the way the 3 other women are staring at her. Now as much as I could quite simply have captured a moment in time that they happened to be looking in her direction. The image could also be interpreted as though they are looking down on her and she is looking to me save her from them. It's strange since I'll never truly know her story.

I have now arrived in Ubud and whilst I wait for my room to be ready, I have found a lovely Bar & Grill to relax and write this blog. For me this is where the adventure really begins. From here on I am treading new territory and will begin to explore rural Bali. This has been the whole point of the Journey with Legian just a way to ease into the Bali life and language. Also I get to see the Monkeys and who could not be excited to see them.

Well that's it for now, I'll put up a blog once I've explored more. 

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Leaving on a Jet Plane Hi all, 

Well the time is here, 2 weeks exploring the outer regions of Bali, the weather is looking good, cloudy with thunderstorms which should make for some beautiful light. My aim for this trip is to experience Bali off the beaten path, I want see the real Bali not the tourist side.

That said I will be spending my first few days in the Legian, which is full of tourists, only because I have stayed there before and it's a great way to ease into the trip before heading out to the remote areas.

Legian will also see me document the Stone workers that I saw last time I was there but never got a chance to see up close.

Ubud will be the next stop as I simply can't resist seeing those cheeky Monkeys and along with it some beautiful walks along picturesque rice fields as well as a 3 hour trip on electric bikes.

Jatiluwih next and is definitely a place I'm excited to see and will be spending 4 days there right amongst the Rice Terraces. I want to capture rural life in Bali with the Farmers and am hoping to be able to hang out with a few to experience first hand a day in their lives. I'm also hoping I can gain access to the Ghost Palace Hotel which was abandoned upon completion and has sat vacant for years with locals claiming that it is cursed.

Kintamani will be my next stop and the most remote where I will photograph Mt. Batur and Batur Lake. I also hope to be able to get across the lake and see the Trunyan Cemetery,  which belongs to one of the oldest villages in Bali dating back to the 9th century where their dead are not buried but placed above ground too decompose before being placed under a sacred tree. The most remarkable part is that there is no smell from the decomposing bodies. 

Denpasar is the final destination before heading home and is simply somewhere to be able to relax and have some downtime before I leave, a bit of luxury and beers by a pool haha.

Well that's it for me, I plan to update the blog as often a possible while I'm away as well as Instagram and Facebook

I hope you all can join me on what should be one epic adventure!!

Cheers and see you on the other side,


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West Australian Epson Profesional Photography Awards 2017 Well that's a wrap for the WEAPPAS, what an absolute blast it has been, from preparing and printing my images, to sending them off and watching the judging. I have learned so much about image selection and trying to perfect the print. I can certainly say I am proud of the images I entered as they are a reflection of who I am and what I want to say with my work.

Of the three images I entered I received two Silvers and a Silver Distinction. As a first time entrant I am very proud of this as it has allowed me to be seeded for the National Awards later in the year and shows that I can produce work that is above professional standard. This was also the first time I was attending the Presentation night for the awards, which was an amazing experience of meeting other photographers I have looked up to and admired.

Now it can be quite a let down when you meet people that you admire as they can sometimes not live up to your expectations of them. Not so on this night, I have never met a more supportive group of individuals with a common passion. I received so many encouraging words from very well respected photographers in the industry. I was blown away at how a group of people could come together and celebrate the success of each others work when at the same time be in direct competition with them.

It is that supportive network that I have found to be what I have enjoyed the most since joining the AIPP last year and I look forward to the many years ahead.


Next blog post I'll be coming to you from Bali as I chill out for a few days before getting stuck into some serious photography work over there.

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A Proud Moment Wow, wow, wow,

So today I learnt that I was named Runner Up in the Architecture Category for Capture Magazines Top Emerging Photographer of the Year 2017 and also placed 3rd as we were allowed to enter multiple times.

I also took 5th place in the Landscape category. All of which have me completely overwhelmed, to be amongst such an amazing group of talented photographers is simply outstanding.

With all the success recently I finally feel that I am heading in the right direction, that yes I do know what I'm doing and can produce quality work.

Commercial work is definitely where I want to pursue a career and with these current awards I feel that I am heading in that direction. Landscapes will always be where my true passion lies but career wise I really need to look at what makes money? and Commercial work does.

On that note I sign off with the WEAPPA's only a couple of weeks away, I only wish to be seeded for the nationals, so fingers crossed.

Until then I will be posting my annual ANZAC DAY image on the 25th and this one is particularly close to home.

As always,

No one sees the world the way you do



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The Commercialization of MarkBimages Hi all,

Hope everyone is enjoying the Easter Break. Latest update here at Mark Brierley Photography.

With all the competitions coming to a close within the next month, I have submitted my WEAPPA prints for mounting and final approval before they are entered into the awards. Exciting times as this will be the first State Awards I have entered.

On the success of the Urban Landscape Awards, I decided to contact one of Australia's leading Architectural Photographers by the name of Greg Hocking, Greg is the recipient of more awards than I can ever wish for and for those interested you can see why here at

Greg was more than happy to sit down with me over a coffee and discuss where exactly I wanted to take my photography. His advice has given me a renewed energy for my career and I can't thank him enough for his no bullshit approach and advice, we spoke about the ups and downs of Architectural Photography and Greg was able to give me a clear direction on how I can pursue a career in this field. This is the first time in 8 years that I finally feel that I have a path forward.

I am currently updating my website to suit this new area but please rest assured I will always continue to develop my landscape images which will now become my personal work.

Will keep you all updated in the coming weeks with the final competitions and the countdown to my next adventure in 36 days.

No one see's the world the way you do.



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New Images For All Well I'm happy to say that I have uploaded a heap of new images that are now available for purchase, including my most recent award winning prints.

I must say that it is nice to be able to show off my Urban Landscape images.

I am also proud to be able to say that I will, after a many request be offering one on one training, Finalising the course outline has been a lengthy process but none the less I am in the final stages of completion and ready to go live. I will be starting with just the basics, with the aim to provide longer, more advanced sessions and then eventually I will undertake extended workshops over the course of a few days.

So please stay tuned for all the new announcements, until then, remember... No one sees the world the way you do



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On The Roller Coaster Well it certainly has been a while between drinks.

Competition season is coming to a close and well I have to say that I'm feeling pretty proud of little ol' me, Firstly I came 3rd in the Australian Photography Magazines, 2017 Photographer of the Year Awards in the Landscape Category, which I am blown away by given the quality of the other entrants.

Next up was the 2017 Golden Shopping Trolley Awards, now this competition I had been working towards since the 2016 Awards. I am so very proud to say that out of the 12 images I entered, 8 made it into the Top 40 out of a possible 900 images (a first for the competition), I was then fortunate enough to have 4 images in the Top 15, now here's the real kicker, I then won the "Minimalist" catergory, completely over the moon that I could achieve such a feat, the other category winner and subsequently the 3rd and 2nd placed overall winners were announced, I was beyond happy for all the entrants excited to part of this amazing event, and well that's when they announced the overall winner, no words can describe the way I felt when my image came up on the big screen as the overall winner. A year of chasing urban landscapes had paid off. I went into a whirlwind of emotions and I'm pretty sure I swore a bit. What followed I can hardly remember, photos and people congratulating me as I tried to process the fact that I was the winner. Something I will never forget.

Jumping from one roller coaster to another, I have the pleasure in announcing that I have made the Top 10 in both the Landscape and Architecture Categories for Capture Magazines Top Emerging Photographer of the Year Awards 2017, I was asked to submit a Bio, Portrait and Letter of compliance for the awards so hopefully that's a positive, will find out in May, so stay tuned.

No stopping now as WEAPPA is fast approaching and all I wish for is to seed for the National Awards. Lots to think about and the roller coaster just keeps on rolling as Bali fast approaches.

That's me out for now, just want to thank a few peeps for everything that has transpired in the last couple of months.

Mum, Dad and my sister for putting up with and believing in me. Ricky Gestro and Mark Piasecki for inspiring me and pushing the limits in Photography, Ben Walton(Team Digital) Christian Fletcher and Tony Hewitt for running the Golding Shopping Trolley Awards (Major Inspirations) Phase One, Epson and Ilford for the prizes I have won. Lastly but most certainly not least is the Perth community of the AIPP, I look forward to many years as a member and the support that comes with it.

Remember "No one sees the world the way you do"

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And the winner might be????? Well it's competion season and time to show off my best work for 2016.


The attitude of a loser tell's me to say it isn't whether I win or lose.. That simply by competing is an achievement. Yes at some point I agree with this statement but at the same time I can bet that every single photographer that has entered the awards believes they have what it takes to win? And rightly so for they have poured their heart and soul into their passion. Years of dedication have allowed said photographer the luxury of that statement.

And so now as I walk into 2017 armed with what I think will be good enough for the awards, I can't help but wonder???


Did I actually create anything substantial that could warrant an entry, Only time will tell.. I guess the most important result is that I have shown exactly the depths of my vision. If that can not be seen from another's point of view, Then I have turned away from what I saw as the potential of my work.                            

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End of an Era 2016 G'day from down here in Perth, W.A. 

Today marks the last day of 2016, for some that will be a welcome relief for other's the dawn of a new era into 2017.


For me, it will always be remembered as the year that show me anything was possible. Strange how most people will think of 2016 and all we have lost when it comes to those that have played a major role in our lives. 2016 took some amazing characters, ones that will forever be in my heart, my childhood could not of been the same without them.

Unfortunately we have lost a Princess, one that always gave us hope. It is with her dedication and passion that I strive to be a true version of myself.


May 2017 be everything that you want it to be, and plenty more.


Signing off for now, and will see you all in the new year.

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End Of Year Celebrations 2016 I'm in the middle of enjoying Christmas and New Year, relaxing with a few beers and a lot of food.

2016 has been quite a wonderful year for me with most notable events being:

 I completed my year long project into Karijini National Park.

I won Landscape Photographer of the year for Camera House.

And that I Swapped my entire equipment setup over to Nikon.


On a more personal level I feel I have evolved emotionally as a positive person and no longer allow the little things to get to me.  On that note  I have a sense of excitement for what 2017 has installed for me. Several Competitions are coming up as well as my first entry into the 2017 AIPP State Awards which is both daunting and exciting. I have begun selecting the images and creating proofs of the prints, as I am only an emerging member of the AIPP I can only enter 3 images and am only eligible for the Emerging Category, still my main aim is to gain some valuable feedback and hopefully score enough points to seed for the National Awards.

As a side note about the attached image, this was the shot that won me Landscape Photographer of the Year 2016 for CameraHouse 

Until the new year, that's me signing off. Hope everyone enjoys themselves over the New year and  may 2017 be everything you make it.

You can follow me on Instagram as I countdown my Top 5 at



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What a Response Hi all,


Well the website is live and I have had some great feedback on how it is set up, a few changes here and there and I'll be cooking with gas. It's been a great week all in all. I have 3 competitions that I am preparing for, Photographer of the year, Capture  Magazines, Emerging Photographer of the year 

And one in particular that I have been working on for the past year, the ever impressive Golden Shopping Trolley Awards  an Urban Landscape competition showcasing the other side of natural landscapes. Basically anything that involves something man made.  Team Digital, are a local company supplying quality service and a knowledgeable staff that can help you with all your professional needs.


Alright, now onto my latest plans, Today I received my test prints for the West Australian AIPP Awards from and I gotta say, the quality is simply amazing, only a few minor things that I need to change due to my processing, sometimes you can only see the flaws once you have the image printed. All in all I am happy with the images and look forward to seeing what they look like printed at proper size.


Terraze was so happy with the out come with one of my prints that she has offered to have a triptych of mine displayed in her gallery. Something I never thought would happen to me.


My next major announcement, while still processing my project from Karijini National Park, I am in the middle of working out a 2 week trip to Indonesia, exploring the rice fields, jungles and lakes. Some thing to take the pressure of the Karijini Exhibition and also start a new project.


Until then, have fun and always look beyond,

Mark (himself)

Mark Brierley Photography


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Welcome Good Morning, Good Evening and Good Night,


This here be my first post about anything and everything, My plan is to keep y'all updated as to the goings ons of my escapades.


I am a confused introvert at heart, I crave not only solitude but also the affection and admiration of others (be it in small doses).

Over a year ago I was thrown back in my solitude, where I have remained to explore just what it is that makes me who I am. In that time I have developed an existence that is truthful to myself an one that properly shows who I am.

For just over a year I have spent researching Karijini National Park. A place that found it's way into my heart on the first visit and has continued to do so. Nothing compares to the heart of the Pilbura and after 3 separate journeys into the region I feel that I have truly come to know exactly how special a meaning this location has to the people that live here.


My hope is that you all can enjoy my adventure's so to speak or at least join with me as I continue to explore not only myself but also what essentially makes me who I am..

"Finding Your Path"

an exploration into my existence

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